Private 5G Unleashed
A new wireless paradigm for application and service enablement at the edge

Enterprise-class 5G: Service Aware, Device Centric, Location Optimized



Atayalan’s Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform integrates private 5G with an enterprise’s existing network and application infrastructure. Whether it’s revamped business processes, digitalization and analysis of data, or implementation of new technologies such as robotics and machine learning, these new applications require a resilient, deterministic, secure, and high-performance communications infrastructure as the foundation.



5G in factory floor

Secure IoT/M2M SIM

The Monogoto secure SIM card is designed and built to unlock the opportunities of the “everything connected” era.

Enterprise Focus

Seamless integration with the existing Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and IoT network infrastructure

Application Aware

Application slicing for optimal resource utilization

Optimized Performance

Focused on metrics that matter: mobility, coverage, and capacity


Easy to design, deploy, and manage


End-to-end: client, traffic, network, application

Global Reach

The Monogoto secure IoT SIM works on 550+ cellular networks in 180 countries offering 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE CAT-M1. (With connectivity redundancy, of course).

SIM Card Sizes

Guaranteed compatibility with any IoT device or smartphone with support for 2FF, 3FF, 4FF and MFF2 form factors.

Other Features
  • Multi-IMSI
  • eUICC/ eSIM support
  • Various packaging grades

Use Cases

From streetlights to vehicle telematics, electric scooters and more.

As a global IoT connectivity provider, monogoto connects diversified IoT projects from prototyping to production stages. Regardless of the project size, each customer gets the same set of cutting-edge capabilities. monogoto solutions provides true freedom for IoT companies who are looking for resilient and secured cellular connectivity, full network control and visibility, rapid time-to-market and cost effective solution which is designed to scale.

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