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Redefining Cellular connectivity

Every business is a digital business. As traditional industries are disrupted by tech newcomers, one of the key trends is the move from on-prem to the public cloud. Furthermore, as IoT permeates across the enterprise, a new architecture has emerged to meet the needs of both the cloud and the edge. Finally, the most challenging aspect of digital transformation for most traditional industries is in application on-boarding, as the enterprise infrastructure migrates toward a highly distributed endpoint-to-edge-to-cloud paradigm. The migration of existing applications toward this new paradigm with little to no code changes is largely unsolved.

As promising as these technology trends are in addressing the enterprise’s new challenges, there is a catch: traditional industries are often slow to adopt new technologies because of their legacy infrastructure and the risk of disruption to their mission-critical operations. Therefore, for any new technology to be adopted, it must first enable seamless integration with the existing enterprise architecture that can ensure minimal disruption to current operations and provide significant ROI benefits to justify the shift.

Atayalan was created to address this confluence of new edge applications that need to run on a robust network infrastructure and can support their myriad performance and security needs.

Our Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform is service aware, device centric and location optimized, integrating private 5G with an enterprise’s existing network and application infrastructure. Whether it’s revamped business processes, digitalization and analysis of data, or implementation of new technologies such as robotics and machine learning, these new applications require a resilient, deterministic, secure, and high-performance communications infrastructure as the foundation.


Management Team

Mark Hung

CEO and Co-Founder

Rajesh Pazhyannur

CTO and Co-Founder

Li Fung Chang

VP and Co-Founder