Cloud Infra and DevOps Engineer


Cloud Infra and DevOps Engineer


We are looking for Atayalan Cloud Infra and DevOps Engineer. We are building a NaaS platform for 5G networks in a completely new way spanning wireless communications, data networking and cloud native services covering 4G/5G, WIFI and IOT connectivity technologies. The company is at an early stage, and you will have a tremendous opportunity to play a key role. Send your resume to  if you are interested in shaping the next generation of enterprise networking.  

Job description:

Primary Job Duties and Responsibilities: The role is a hands-on cloud system engineer responsible for development, test, deployment, integration, orchestration and monitoring of cloud platforms to host the Atayalan system solutions.

Tasks include:

  • Design, manage and develop a cloud platform to support Atayalan’s technology stack.
  • Implement and Integrate Atayalan solutions into cloud service providers.
  • Manage a secure Kubernetes cloud infrastructure for multi-tenant deployment.
  • Create automated workflows for CI/CD on cloud platforms.
  • Work closely with technology stack development team on micro-service resource optimization, network function management, monitoring and optimizing for HA, scaling, and security.
  • Manage Atayalan cloud solutions to optimize use of databases, networking, messaging, alerting & SMS tools, SSO, authentication, activation, licensing, debuggability & serviceability
  • Keep pace with the latest orchestration and management tool and apply them to Atayalan’s platform as needed.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related areas with 5+ years’ experience.
  • Preferred Master’s degree in Computer Science or related areas with 3+ years’ experience.
  • Experience working with one or more of AWS, GCP, or Azure.
  • Experience in cloud system design and deployment tools to manage and monitor Atayalan Cloud (multi-tenancy, virtualization, orchestration, scalability, security, and high availability) including applications, services, databases, storage and network.
  • Proficiency in hands-on automated services deployment and installation.
  • Experience with DevOps.
  • Experience with modern version control systems such as Git or Bitbucket
  • Solid grasp of software engineering fundamentals and practical applications
  • Must be an excellent communicator in both oral and written form
  • Must be able to work effectively across geo locations