Front end Engineer


Front-end Engineer


We are looking for Atayalan Cloud Front-end engineer. We are building a NaaS platform for 5G networks in a completely new way spanning wireless communications, data networking and cloud native services covering 4G/5G, WIFI and IOT connectivity technologies. The company is at an early stage, and you will have a tremendous opportunity to play a key role. Send your resume to  if you are interested in shaping the next generation of enterprise networking.  

Job description:

Primary Job Duties and Responsibilities: The role is that of a hands-on technical & UI/UX lead for the Atayalan Cloud. You will be responsible for the front-end design for the Atayalan services on a cloud platform. You will translate solution requirements into functional front-end implementation, using the latest technology and tools. You will be responsible for development, test, and deployment.

Tasks include:

  • Design and oversee development of an intuitive Atayalan cloud management front-end
  • Working with product marketing and customers to develop the overall look and design of the UX elements
  • Working with modern front-end frameworks like React.js/Angular/Vue.js
  • Ensuring and Optimizing the UX for different platforms (desktops/mobile phones)
  • Evaluate latest technology and tools offerings for front end components
  • Routinely testing websites for ease of use and speed


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer science or related areas with 7+ years’ experience
  • Preferred Master’s degree in computer science or related areas with 5+ years’ experience.
  • Experience in designing and implementing performant single-page front-end architectures for an enterprise product.
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as HTML, C#, Java, JavaScript and SQL 
  • Professional hands-on JS application development experience with modern front-end frameworks such as React.js (preferred), Angular 2+, or Vue.js
  • Experience writing unit tests with React Testing Library, Jest/Enzyme, Mocha, or equivalent
  • Familiarity with standard JavaScript async patterns (e.g. closures, callbacks, promises, error handling)
  • Experience with modern version control systems such as git or mercurial
  • Familiar with agile development process
  • Solid grasp of software engineering fundamentals and their practical application
  • Effective communicator in both oral and written form


  • Experience with Node.js, Python and full-stack development.
  • Experience working with and deploying apps to AWS, GCP, or Azure